Austin Filmmaker Launches an Internet Campaign to Capture World War II (WW II) National Guard Veteran Stories and the Europeans They Freed.
Lew Adams, accomplished Austin Filmmaker, has launched an Internet campaign to finish a project Five years in the making. Working “pro-bono,” his documentary, "Heroes of Old Hickory,” is the story of the 30th Infantry Division and one of the last unknown stories of WW II. His film features true accounts from American veterans and the Europeans they freed.

“Heroes of Old Hickory” won't be funded until (and unless) Adams reaches his full funding goal. So visit and support the film by donating...

As much as it has been a journey for me... it will also be a journey for you.
Lew Adams

Lew Adams KXAN TV Interview Austin Tx, December 21st 2011

Filmmaker salutes forgotten WWII unit

I have been in the television industry and production business since the mid-1960's, beginning my career at NBC, Burbank, California. We are in terrible economic times and the industry still suffers from lack of funds for new production. Fortunately, we have had some generous sponsors including the Cain Foundation, Texas A&M (Rachal Foundation), Campbell Soup, and the National Guard Association of Texas. Each entity cares greatly about preserving such historically significant stories and has helped us keep the project alive. Years ago when I produced for Discovery the option to raise funding via the internet, did not exist! This is a completely new endeavor for me as well as my crew and staff. However, considering the economic situation and the time line we face we decided to take some drastic measures, spend the funds, and give it a try.

Although, we can see the end in sight, its time to rally the troops, spread the word...

Lew Adams has worked in the television and film production industry for more than 40 years. He has won numerous show awards including The Gold Cindy, Aurora Award, Cine Golden Eagle and 4 Emmy Nominations.

Productions: he has either directed, photographed, or produced, have received more than 25 Emmy Awards and nominations. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and a former Exec. Board member of the Cinematographers Guild, Hollywood, CA.
Considering the men's ages (now in their late 80's and 90's) and the time required to complete the final scenes, screen writing, music, narration, research, collecting the WWII footage, and complete the editing - it is difficult to determine what our options might be if we are not fully funded. Either way, there is not a lot of time remaining.

We have accumulated a large amount of footage, interviews, and scenes, both here in the US and Europe. The project now requires funding for the final shooting, editing, music, narration, research, writing, graphics, maps, stock footage, stills, and other elements necessary to finish the film. The moderate funding goal represents only a portion of the total budget to complete a film of this size and scope.
I have been working on this project five years pro bono and it is due to the support of several foundations and generous donors that has enabled us to get this far. Although the economy has made our task difficult, we are determined to bring this incredible story to light. Thanks to all those who continue to give their un-wavering support!

We have several broadcasters interested in the project and once completed we are almost assured of a television release.

"People remember"

Europe and liberated cities remember and celebrate the

"Heroes of Old Hickory"


"Old Hickory March" by marching band in Holland

Hans Shilling Letter, December 2011

My name is Hans Schillings and I am the president of the Kerkrade Orange Committee. The Orange Committee organizes all sorts of activities concerning official national holidays in Kerkrade...In addition, we have organized the past 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th and 65th  anniversary of the liberation of Kerkrade by the 30th Infantry Division “Old Hickory”...

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Preserve the legacy of 30th Infantry Division, and honor the men who served so gallantly during WWII by buying the DVD of the film "Heroes of Old Hickory." We Thank You for Your Support.

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